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Sister’s Engagement Photos

Just for fun I snagged my sister and her fiance for a mini shoot so they would have a few fun engagement photos.  This was a MINI session of epic proportions; I think it was literally ten minutes.  My lovely cousins threw a bridal shower for her in Houston at one of my Aunt’s homes so after the shower we ran into the backyard for a quick shoot and I think we ended up with so really great shots.  I really hate Houston but thank goodness of pretty scenery in Tomball, who would have thought a backyard shoot could be so pretty! Although I think the humidity was 2000%. But they look cool and not sweaty.

They were mortified I asked them to kiss. 😉

Can’t wait to show you her bridal portraits!!!!

Father’s Day Typography

This year for Father’s Day I decided to make a typographic design for my Dad’s office.  We recently redid his office to update it and to make it more modern and office chic.  So I thought and hope that this piece will find a home in this space he spends so much of his time.

I decided to honor him with Proverbs 20:7 a scripture that talks about the integrity of a man. My Dad has been such an amazing example of integrity to me and to our whole family and we are indeed blessed by it.

Under Construction

I am finally getting a website up for myself, which takes time. So for now the website isn’t complete but I am very excited about having an official website where my portfolio can really be showcased. For now if you want to see more of my work you can check out my blog at: